Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava is an agility game with challenging adventures that offer amazingly attractive 3D images, highly appealing effects with a multi-dimensional perspective, and the opportunity to make unbelievably fluid dance routines. This game undoubtedly gives gamers unforgettable experiences.

You are about to go on a journey that is filled with a multitude of difficulties that are waiting for players to conquer and discover new things in Only Up Or Lava's universe. To prevent falling and losing the game, players must do rigorous calculations for each jump and respond quickly.

How To Play

  • Here are the directions for playing this game. To begin, the player moves the character using the WASD keys. Second, the only way for the character to leap or climb is to utilize the keyboard space bar. Third, hit the R key to briefly pause the game or access the game menu. Fourth, the Shift key will allow you to walk or drop to the ledge. Another intriguing feature is that you may alter the viewpoint by moving the mouse.

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