Parkour Block 5

Parkour Block 5

Parkour Block 5

Get ready for brand new adventures with Parkour Block 5! In this fifth installment, players will be challenged with even more hazardous obstacle tracks, putting their skills to the ultimate test! Prepare yourself for the leap of faith as you jump from one platform to another until you are able to reach the purple portal. Be careful, since one mishap can result in you plummeting into the pool of lava right below! Parkour Block 5Parkour Block 5 provides a series of new levels for those who want to challenge their maneuvering skills! The game introduces two new modes and more types of platforms, such as those that only move when they are stepped on or those that can give some speed boost. Time your jump properly, and try your best to finish all levels as quickly as possible!

How To Play

  • Move around with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Jump by pressing the spacebar.
  • Sprint by holding the left Shift while moving.
  • Look around by moving the mouse cursor.
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