Parkour Climb and Jump

Parkour Climb and Jump

Parkour Climb and Jump

Hone your parkour skills and perform sick jumps with Parkour Climb and Jump! Take control of a young boy with amazing agility and abilities to climb the wall and jump from one building to another! Explore the empty town with different kinds of objects and buildings. Try out different kinds of parkour moves since you have the whole town to yourself!

Parkour Climb and Jump features detailed 3D graphics and tons of movements for the boy. He can climb steep walls, leap from one building to another, roll past obstacles, and execute somersaults! Best of all, he can even dance in the coolest way possible! Collect the crystals to complete all the levels!

How To Play

  • Control the boy with the WASD keys.
  • Climb the wall and jump with the spacebar.
  • Sprint by holding Shift while moving.
  • Look around by hovering the mouse.
  • Slide with the C key.
  • Use the bungee with the E key while on the platform.
  • Dance with the F key.
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