Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is a classic game that has been in many people's childhood. The game boasts great 2D visuals that give players a nostalgic vibe. Surely everyone is familiar with the image of a plumber named Mario overcoming many difficult challenges to rescue the princess. So why can this game leave such a deep impression in the hearts of players? Please join the game now to get your own answer. In this game, the players are going to play the role of heroic Mario, who bravely dodges obstacles and survives through the mushroom kingdom to successfully rescue Princess Toadstool at the flagpole at the end of each round. On dangerous roads, there are scattered coins; collect them; that's part of your mission. One cool thing is that there are special coins hidden in the bricks with question marks. If you have enough time, hit them to collect rare coins.

How To Play

Arrow keys or the WASD key combination are indispensable to controlling Mario's character. Also, keys like Shift or Ctrl help him sprint or shoot. Press P to mute and M to stop the game.

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