Puppy Jump

Puppy Jump

Puppy Jump

Puppy Jump invites you to enter the world of cute pups and leap about. For people of all ages, this is a really adorable game. There are an infinite number of stairs leading up, assist your character in climbing as high as they can. The fact that this game also has a time limit is what makes it more exciting. In addition to that, the platforms that are located above contain a significant number of traps. Therefore, to prevent falling and losing the round, players need to have reaction times that are exceedingly quick. On the other hand, in addition to ominous traps, there are certain platforms that provide more playing time. At this point, it is time to choose the puppy that excites you the most and go on thrilling adventures.

How To Play

Left-click on the right or left side of the game screen to assist the character in avoiding traps and accumulating time. The player may also do so by using the right or left arrow keys.

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