Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas

There is no doubt that Doodle Jumping: Christmas is the most addicting Christmas special version of the year. This version promises to be a lot of fun for players during the holidays. Not only are the photographs breathtaking, but the concept is also a fantastic match. Do you believe in yourself that you can take Doodle to the North Pole? Despite the fact that the gameplay is the same as before, Doodle Jump presents players with a plethora of new and thrilling experiences. These experiences come in the shape of images, challenges, monsters, and very strong support abilities. Those people who like playing this game will find this to be an excellent chance.

How To Play

The player controls Doodle with the objective of reaching the North Pole by moving the item upward with the right and left arrow keys. To assault the adversary seen above, use the space bar, the up arrow key, or the left mouse button. A minor point to mention is that when a player clicks to shoot, they may fire in any direction. The other two keys can only shoot up.

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