Keep Jump To Sky

Keep Jump To Sky

Keep Jump To Sky

Try to achieve the maximum possible score in Keep Jump To Sky. In this game, you assist the ball in bouncing up the spring platforms. In order to prevent the character from falling off the pedestal, please exercise control with extreme dexterity. As you go through the stages, a wider variety of challenges will emerge. It is important to encourage players to overcome challenges. In each round, you will collect coins that may be used to unlock new skins that are both gorgeous and unique. Anyone of any age can enjoy this game because it is engaging. Join today to enjoy the never-ending leaps and mesmerizing sounds.

How To Play

This ball is programmed to leap up without stopping, thus players just need to manipulate it left or right using the AD key or left arrow key/right arrow key to make it bounce. It is safe to be on a trampoline without falling off.

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