Santa Run

Santa Run

Santa Run

Christmas is here, so join Santa Run in the never-ending pursuit of Santa Claus. Follow the characters in the games below to have spectacular high jumps. This is a terrific Subway Surfers-style running game. A race that features captivating 3D visuals and fluid motions, it is certain to be incredibly thrilling, fast-paced, and appealing. Assists the character in running, jumping, and sliding to protect himself from being hurt by obstacles that are in his path. It is important to remember to gather the Christmas presents and help that have been dispersed along the path. Join this game today to share great moments with the adorable Santa Claus in Santa Run, and increase the delight experienced during this Christmas season.

How To Play

After clicking the mouse or spacebar to enter the game, the user moves the character using the WASD keys/arrow keys to collect rewards and dodge hazards.

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