Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an extremely addictive survival game and has a great deal of charisma that you can't leave on your computer screen. In this space, players experience a scary dark night with battles to destroy thousands of demons to survive until dawn. 

The player's time in this game is 30 minutes, their task is to help the selected character survive and fight an increasing number of monsters. The most needed thing right now is weapons, things that help players keep fighting, so what weapons make the forces of darkness afraid?

Those are crosses, garlic, magic wands and many other tools. Be wise to choose the weapon that will accompany you throughout this journey.

Be brave to become the most outstanding hero against the dark creatures of hell. Have a nice time playing and enjoy it.

How To Play

This is a note that you must know in order to enjoy this great game: 

  • The arrow keys help the character move and fight the approaching dark forces.

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