Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Following the success of Magic Cat Academy in 2016, Magic Cat Academy 2 is the next version that Google will release in 2020. At the beginning of Part 2, the witch school student, Momo, bravely jumps into the ocean to help her friends and fight against the big ghost Bigboss—this guy escaped to the ocean after the first battle at the academy, here opening up a dramatic underwater war. The cat Momo's next journey is to complete the five stages of soul conquest, during which there are many monsters that hinder her. Come play the game now to fight hard with Momo and destroy the final boss with lightning bolts. With a familiar magic wand, but now that the black cat is fighting in a different environment, can she overcome everything to successfully rescue her? What awaits her? Play the game now to find the answer.

How To Play

Move the wand by holding and hovering the mouse.

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