Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a Halloween-themed puzzle game with cute drawings set in a magic practitioner, released by Google in 2016. This game has very attractive drawings and stories. Players are going to take on the role of a black cat witch student who uses a magic wand against the dark forces, who are scary ghosts that are approaching. To be able to protect the school, players need to use the mouse to follow the drawings that appear on the ghosts' heads. They are going to appear more and more, so it requires the player to combine sharp eyesight and quick hands.

Besides, the game provides some interesting features, such as that when entering each match, players will have to choose suitable cats, and each teammate you choose will have their own strengths suitable for each round. In addition, the opponents you face are also very diverse, which means you must prepare yourself with perfect strategies to deal with each enemy. Overall, this is a very good game and worth a try, guaranteed to make you fascinated and hard to take your eyes off.

How To Play

Move your mouse to draw shapes to wave the wand and cast a spell.

Similar GamesIf you have loved this game, then surely Part 2—Magic Cat Academy 2—will not disappoint you. In addition, Google also has many interesting games in the Google Doodle collection that you can refer to: Pacman 30th Anniversary, Doodle Cricket.

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