Doodle Jumping

Doodle Jumping

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jumping

Reach unimaginable heights with Doodle Jumping, an addictive endless jumping game in which you lead a character through a variety of platforms without falling.

Get to Unexpected Heights with Doodle Jumping!

If you are a big fan of addictive casual games with simple controls and enjoyable gameplay, don’t miss out on Doodle Jumping! In this game, you take control of a small green creature who goes by the name The Doodler. Lead him through a series of platforms, defeat monsters, and don’t let him fall off!

Doodle Jumping is a fan-made game based on the immensely popular mobile game Doodle Jump. This game contains all the aspects that are well-liked in the original game and adds even more features to keep it engaging. Best of all, it is available online, so you can play and challenge your reflexes at any time, such as over a short break!

Doodle Jump—One of the Most Popular Casual Games to Ever Exist

Remember the good ol’ days back in the 2010s when everyone was enamored with smartphones and apps like “Fake Beer Drinking”? It is almost certain that whoever had a smartphone at that time had Doodle Jump as well, showing how immensely popular this app was. Doodle Jump stood out from other games thanks to its simple yet intuitive controls, fun and fast-paced gameplay, and polished concept and character design. It was perfect for almost everything, be it a quick break or just passing time in general.

Nowadays, Doodle Jump is widely available across every platform. You can meet the Doodler and lead him through a series of obstacles any time you want, and you'll have a great time trying to achieve the best score!

How To Play

Just like in the original game, to control the Doodler, players can move around with the left and right arrow keys. To shoot at the enemies, press the spacebar, the up arrow key, or the left mouse button. While the spacebar and up arrow keys enable the Doodler to shoot straight upward, players can shoot wherever they want with the mouse button.

Since this game has no definite end, the main goal is to let the Doodler go as high as possible. However, as you progress, the platforms will become more sparse, so it is certainly no easy task to keep him jumping endlessly!

Other Games from the Doodle Jump Franchise

Thanks to its immense popularity and easy-to-learn approach, the creator has released a number of games featuring the endearing character, the Doodler. Check out the list of games below to see if you missed out on any of them by mistake!

Doodle Jump 2

As the sequel to the original game, Doodle Jump 2 has a variety of features, giving you brand new experiences! In this game, instead of choosing which mode to play at the beginning, players have to work their way up in order to unlock later levels by collecting stars. Each level features a new theme, along with its own platform and monster designs.

In addition, there are noticeable improvements in animation and physics, making this the perfect sequel to the extremely popular game!

Doodle Jump Race

“A Flappy Bird-like game, but in multiplayer,” is what best describes Doodle Jump Race. The Doodler, now tired of jumping all the time, decides to take part in a jetpack drag race with no objective other than winning. Simple controls but hard to master, this game pits you against other online players in a race past countless obstacles. These obstacles are alien-looking rock pillars that always come in pairs, leaving narrow gaps for players to pass through.

This time, however, there will be three other players who will compete with you for first place. Try your best to be the first one at the finish line and complete the race in the shortest time possible!

Doodle Jump Christmas

Celebrate the merry occasion with Doodle Jump Christmas! The game features a series of challenges and plenty of fun! Help the Doodler reach the North Pole by…adventuring upward. Fight the monsters disguised as Christmas elves and trees, collect presents, and be careful not to be frozen by the chill-breath monsters. How far can you go, and is this really the real way to arrive at the North Pole?

Doodle Jump Easter

Doodle Jump Easter stands apart from other Doodle Jump games because of its completely different approach. Instead of jumping to infinite heights, players have to reach certain scores to collect the Easter egg in each level! In addition, no level is the same, some of which even feature special types of platforms, so your journey is guaranteed to be a bit tricky. Do you have what it takes to complete all 25 levels?

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes

Become the defender of the city in Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes! In this game, the Doodler takes on the mantle of Batman and begins his quest to defeat the enemies along the way. It features gameplay similar to that of the original game and gives the option to upgrade the power-ups found on the platforms. Furthermore, players have more intense battles with their enemies, who follow them for a period of time until they are defeated. Unfortunately, this game is no longer available for play.

Doodle Jump Spongebob

Here comes the crossover you never expected: Doodle Jump and SpongeBob SquarePants! The game features the Doodler version of SpongeBob, and it is his task to save the Krabby Patty secret formula, which has been stolen by the Plankton. This game, however, has been removed from all application markets.

Doodle Jump Adventure

This is one of the first 3D games featuring the lovely Doodler. Instead of the usual vertical adventure, in Doodle Jump Adventure, players help the character venture across the vast space horizontally. Find the lost crewmates, upgrade the spaceship, and have plenty of fun exploring the outer world!

Similar Games

If you love both Doodle Jumping and the original game, don’t miss out on these games, which are equally funny and addictive!

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