Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Blob Opera is a unique music game in which you will immerse yourself in wonderful opera music with fun and cute sounds created by yourself. This game by David Li in conjunction with Google Arts & Culture has an interesting thing: it has a machine learning model trained on the real voices of opera singers, including both male and female voices. They recorded for 16 hours straight. So the sound effects in this game are extremely realistic and very vivid, making players feel like they are standing on stage and performing a heart-touching opera.

To create a complete piece of music, players just need to adjust the cute, colorful characters on the game screen. for example, If you want to increase the pitch of voices, drag your mouse on the colorful characters, and to make the sound louder and clearer, stretch your singers. There is a recording button on the left side to record great music and performance moments, which players can share with friends and relatives. In addition, on the right side of the screen, there is also a mode to change the performance scene, like your singers are performing in many places. Very interesting, right?

How To Play

Use the mouse to adjust the vocals of the blobs according to your creativity.

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