Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour is an extremely attractive, fast-paced game for those who fall in love with conquering new heights. This is an extremely chaotic world where it seems that the laws of physics are forgotten. Players are going to embark on a journey to jump high and step on objects floating while avoiding obstacles in the air to explore the new sky. That high vertical path is not easy because the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. Requires the player to have carefully calculated steps along with agility to help the character climb without falling. The results above are very beautiful and full of surprises, so let's challenge your limits right today; that spectacular peak is still waiting for you to discover it.

How To Play

Players use a combination of mouse and keyboard to play: to move the character, use the WASD keys; if you want to jump high, press the space bar on the keyboard; and the computer mouse is used to interact.

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