Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a driving game mixed with a bit of horror in which players control their character to overcome a pitfall road with dangerous obstacles without being crushed. This side-scrolling ragdoll physics game is sure to keep you occupied for hours because of the fun it brings. To ensure the safety of the character you've picked from the start, the observation skills and agility to move the control accurately, and quickly are very important. besides the original game, players can create their scenarios or try out one of the ten million levels made by fans of this game.

How To Play

To play this adventure game, you need to know a few basic steps: 

  • The arrow keys have the role of making the character move. 
  • To shoot or jump, use the spacebar. 
  • Finally, the Shift and Ctrl keys will support secondary actions for the character.

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