Kick Zombie Voodoo

Kick Zombie Voodoo

Kick Zombie Voodoo

If you are passionate about thrilling games, then Kick Zombie Voodoo is a game that you must press play instantaneously.The players are going to take on the role of a hunter in the context of a creepy cemetery with pitch-black surroundings that make people get a hair-raising experience.

This game attracts players from the first few seconds. With fast-paced, heart-stopping gameplay, players must skillfully use their weapons to fight off a doll with a creepy appearance. 

Kick Zombie Voodoo provides players with a variety of weapons to fight with, but it seems not to be easy to get them; you have to play and unlock them when reaching higher levels.

Are you ready to become one of the remaining survivors and fight hard to return peace to these streets? Let's play and enjoy it.

How To Play

  • Players need to use a mouse-click to play the game.

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