Bouncing Egg

Bouncing Egg

Bouncing Egg

On the never-ending trip through Bouncing Egg, there is a jumping egg that is waiting for you to join with it and discover new and interesting things. Here, players will be completely submerged in the spectacular visuals.  Constructed in a fantastic pixel art design. On top of that, the gameplay is straightforward to play.  To make adjustments that allow your character to remove furious expressions, the player must click on the rotation wheel. Possessing a certain degree of patience is a need for this game. besides performing accurate alignment operations is a necessary work.  If you can achieve it, your eggs will be able to travel a great distance. A player will be forced to come to a complete halt if they accidentally collide with an obstruction and restart a different procedure from the very beginning.

How To Play

A simple action with the mouse allows your egg to jump up.

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