Candy Jump

Candy Jump

Candy Jump

It is not easy to get a score in the double digits in Candy Jump, despite the fact that it is a cute jumping game with rules that are not too complicated. This fun game promises to provide you with a playground that is filled with vibrant colors and moments that will give you a bad heart attack. This game is easy to play—just move the candies up to discover the next universe. You need a sharp eye and skilled hands to assist your candy leap to the proper hue without melting. Candy Jump's pleasant soundtrack and clean visuals provide for relaxed times.

How To Play

  • The gameplay of this game is extremely simple, players just need to use the spacebar to make the candy jump up.

Similar Games

If you love candy then try Cut The Rope, this is a pretty interesting game that you should try. If you love high jumping games, then Doodle Jump, Dangerous Jump Vs Doodle Jump are not bad choices.


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