Ball Up 3D

Ball Up 3D

Ball Up 3D

Here, there is a really interesting casual game named Ball Up 3D, and it has character actions that could give your heart a sick lurch. The visuals in this game are not very complex, but they are highly appealing. One thing that players need to keep in mind is the following: the character can leap to greater heights with the assistance of the knives that you hurl at the pillars. However, these knives also have the potential to kill the character, so you need to throw them with extreme caution and in a systematic manner. This is a game that is appropriate for individuals of all ages, and it is certain to keep you interested for a considerable amount of time.

How To Play

Keep in mind that you need to carefully coordinate the time, and use the left mouse button to toss the knives as a platform for the character to hop on. You should avoid allowing the knives to skewer the character since this would make the game end.

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