Will you be the only one to survive within the time limit set by WormsArena.IO? The worm struggle has never been more ferocious than it is right now. On the battlefield, there is an abundance of food for them to cultivate. By acquiring bright spots, players are able to assist their worms in growing. While this is going on, you must also pay attention to the other adversaries, construct traps for them, and ensure that you gather what is left. After the player has accumulated a certain amount of money, they will be able to access the Skins area in order to modify the appearance of their character.

How To Play

  • To manipulate the keyboard: use the A/D keys or the left/right arrow keys to navigate the character. Depress the space key to increase speed.
  • To manipulate the worm's orientation, just move the computer mouse. To increase the efficiency of the left mouse click.

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