Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby

Join other players and explore the mesmerizing obstacle course set in the sky with Rainbow Obby! In this game, players take control of a blocky character as he tries to progress through the obstacle course and reach the end of this colorful maze. Reach the checkpoints after you have completed a stage, and try your best to reach the top of this Rainbow Obby! If you love the challenge of jumping from one platform to the next, Rainbow Obby is the game for you! Within this game are a series of different challenges, ranging from jumping past the gaps to climbing the ladders or even trying to outrun the falling path! On this large playground, there will be many other players taking part in overcoming this obstacle course. Show them your superb jumping skills and discover what’s waiting for you at the top!

How To Play

  • Move the character with the WASD keys.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.
  • Look around with the mouse.
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