Paper Rush

Paper Rush

Paper Rush

Begin your hopping adventure with Paper Rush! Take control of a small piece of square paper and venture into a hand-drawn world full of unexpected obstacles! All you need to do to control it is use one button, but it takes a lot more to lead it to the end portal! Do you have what it takes to collect all the stars before reaching the end of the level?

Paper Rush features simple and intuitive gameplay. As the paper piece moves by itself, your job is to tell it when to make a leap of faith. To reach the end portal in each level, players will need to get past a series of spikes and narrow gaps. Fortunately, it is capable of jumping twice, making it a lot easier to reach higher platforms. Time your jumps properly and complete all the 20 mesmerizing levels!

How To Play

Click to make the square paper piece jump up. Double-click to make it jump twice.

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