Number Jumping

Number Jumping

Number Jumping

In the one-of-a-kind jumping game known as Number Jumping, participants are required to jump in numbered boxes. so that, the number must be reduced to 0. The game's visuals are not very complicated, but they are adorable, and the music is also pretty memorable. Although it seems pretty straightforward, you will need to do precise calculations to prevent falling into space. Players have the opportunity to comfortably push themselves over up to 35 different amazing levels in this game. Take extra precautions to ensure that the green package arrives safely at its destination. Achieve victory in every level of the game.

How To Play

  • To go to the left, you may either use the A key or the left arrow key on your keyboard.
  • To go to the right, you may either use the D key or the right arrow key on your keyboard.

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