Ninja Jumper

Ninja Jumper

Ninja Jumper

Ninja Jumper is a game that successfully combines simplicity and drama. The only way to collect fruit is to avoid a vast number of flying weapons, which will be your primary obstacle. You are about to embark on a massive project. The gameplay of this game is likewise quite simple to comprehend. The character may be made to jump up and down by just clicking the button on the mouse. While this is true, the most important thing is to pay attention to the passage of time and to observe. Will the players be able to complete the fruit harvest despite the large number of obstacles that they will encounter? Now is the moment to join in on the action and beat the all-time high score that was previously set.

How To Play

When you click, the ninja will leap up, and when you click again, it will jump down. Perform the same action to play.

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