Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean - Solitaire Adventures

Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures is a deeply fun card game that players can't take their eyes off because the game is designed with super great 2D graphics and is a bit nostalgic because the story is set in America and the main character is Mr. Bean.

Spend a day traveling across New York City and playing 50 levels of solitaire with your favorite character, in the cartoon of the same name. How interesting would that be? Maybe it really is the best game ever.

You are a beginner and worried because you don't know how to play. Don't worry; at the beginning of the game, there is going to be a tutorial for the player. 

And for those with experience, there are many difficult levels ahead waiting for you to explore. Players should use their intelligence to overcome challenges one by one to experience a wonderful day in this wonderful land.

How To Play

  • Play the game with your mouse.

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