Feudle is an extremely addictive word-guessing game that opens you up to a speculative experience with the huge vocabulary treasure that this game offers. Are you prepared for six opportunities to identify the five-letter word chosen by the game, and you will receive feedback on which letters you guessed correctly and which letters are in the correct position? Let's improve your knowledge with this interesting game from Google because here, you and millions of others will discover words in many fields such as culture, people, etc., which is very useful. No, learning while playing is very interesting and worth a try.

How To Play

  • Players can click and drag the letter tiles to the right place in the horizontal line with their mouse or tablet.
  • Answers need to be typed in using the keyboard.
  • To enter your guess, click the "Guess" button.
  • If you are stuck or have tried everything, click the "Reveal" button to see the answer.
  • The game can be started over by clicking the "Play Again" button.

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