Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Doodle God Ultimate Edition

Dangerous Jump Vs Doodle Jump is considered by players to be the hottest platforming video game that will keep you playing for hours without getting bored. This game is created with HTML5 technology, and the beautiful 2D graphics promise to bring players many interesting experiences.

To aim to win the game Dangerous Jump Vs Doodle Jump, players need to be agile and skilled in controlling the ninja character to jump onto the platform from one side to another and, from there, rise high without falling into dangerous dinosaur tracks. 

Note that on the small platforms, there will also be many different types of traps. The player must be very skilled so that the ninja character can jump as high and far as possible.

How To Play

  • Select the items by using the left-click mouse.

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