Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D is a casual game with a vibrant action flair. The effects in this game may astonish gamers from the first time they see them. Rapid reactions are advantageous in this situation. Due to the fact that there are several barriers on the route that are endlessly narrow, they are dispersed all over the place. Experience each and every moment in this vibrant cosmos, and make your way down the meandering route. At first, the ball moves at a pace that is rather typical; nevertheless, after a certain distance, its speed will begin to grow. If the player wants to be able to manage it, they will need to have a great deal of agility.

How To Play

The WASD and the arrow keys are instruments that assist the ball in moving around and avoiding obstacles.

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